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Self-Funded Special Needs Trust
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Walnut Creek, California

The goal of creating a Self-Funded Special Needs Trust is to allow the disabled person to retain a gift of money or an inheritance without jeopardizing other benefits.

At The Feldman Law Group, we know how to create the trust that will ensure your special needs loved one has access to superior care and a good quality of life.

How a Self-Funded Special Needs Trust Can Help
Generally speaking, a disabled individual who receives a cash gift or an inheritance must claim the gift as “property”, disqualifying the individual from receiving needs-based government benefits.

A properly-drafted Self-funded Special Needs Trust holds the cash or assets in trust. The funds are not under the disabled individual’s control. Therefore, the beneficiary can continue to receive government benefits.

Additionally, the Self-funded Special Needs Trust may pay for some specific needs of the disabled individual as the trustee wishes, including:

  • Medical care.
  • Dental care.
  • Personal care services.
  • Handicapped-equipped vehicles.

These items can be paid through the trust without jeopardizing government benefits, as long as the trustee adheres to the standards set for maintenance of the trust and for investing of trust assets.

Experienced Special Needs Support at the Feldman Law Group A properly drafted Self-Funded Special Needs Trust safeguards your assets, assures quality of care for the disabled person and offers you peace of mind. To find out how the Feldman Law Group can craft that trust for you, contact Aaron Feldman today.

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